Keep it simple, stupid.”

Kelly Johnson, US Navy, Aircraft Engineer.

We’re on a mission to simplify web hosting for the masses.






Mission: Simplify

We’re on a mission to simplify web hosting. In the last number of years, the market place has become over complicated, with unnecessary jargon & added on extras.


Personal Solutions


Whether you’re building your first blog, first business, or growing both. Our Personal packages will give you everything you need.


Business Solutions


From sole traders & partnerships to SME & corporate conglomerates we have business solutions for every need. Whether you need a portfolio to show off your latest work or platform to book appointments we’ve got it covered.


Bespoke Solutions


At Sector Seven we realise that every business is unique and if one of our simplified packages doesn’t meet your needs, we’re happy to build one specifically for you.






Looking for a Bespoke Solution?

Contact our Business Development Team.
They’ll talk you through all of your needs and help you decided which solution is best for you.